Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winding Down with Orange and Wine

I'm sitting here finishing the last of my wine, watching the Orange Bowl with my dad. I glanced down and happily realized I still had, what? 30 minutes. New Year's Day is not quite over.. I can still type quickly and get that date stamp.

A New Year's Resolution.

Resolutions and I are friends. Not just on New Year's Day, but every day.. you know how it goes: I'm going to clean more next week: 3 playgroups! I'm going to make dinner in advance tomorrow. I'm actually going to call ____ back when the little guy and I run to the store later. This weekend, we are definitely accomplishing X. I'm going to start watching more trash TV. (What?)

There is a bit of uncertainty in our life right now, and, as with any uncertainty and the predilection to plan ahead, I've been squirmy lately. Like any responsible mother, I like to know what's coming.

Well, enough of living with one foot in the 'future' door. I've been cheating my son, at times, of the very best thing I have to give him: being present. My presence. Not to be confused with "presents" - a la Christmas PRESENTS! we have a lot to load. Getting home with be a journey.. a good exercise in being present. As was listening to my mother reminisce about my childhood after dinner was over, long over, and the New Year's champagne was duly drained. I loved that moment, and I will love when I one day do the same thing with my son.

My other favorite phrases for said philosophy are many: Enjoy the Journey. Don't Miss the Miracle. Just Be. Breathe. Namaste. Being home is a good time for reflection, as is the first day of a New Year. Relax, renew, refresh.

And I don't just mean the screen.




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