Friday, January 2, 2009

Boys Will Be

What is it about having boys? I keep saying to myself that as my little guy adds months to his age, and we start heading away from 18 mos towards the '2' range, that everything will be different.

Just this morning, I think I have heard 3 or 4 distinct CRASH sounds, followed by a quick, "UH, oh." You always get the "uh, oh." If it's not a discrete crash, it's a dull roar, in a myriad banging, hammering, smashing and crashing. Is this just a boy thing?

My toddler, to start out the morning, took out all of Grandma's pots and pans, and started to bang; he apparently gave himself extra points for how hard the "CLANG" of the tops were. 10 pts. Then, while we were in the midst of the de-brief from the HVAC guy, he found a hard plastic spaghetti spoon and started to smack the sliding glass doors. 12 pts. He then started to de-ornament the Christmas tree. 3 pts. Pushed random buttons on the cable box (it took Grandpa all day to fix yesterday's experiment there.) 13 pts. He took the tiddly winks box and turned it upside down, CRASH. 30 pts.

The Bear: 68 pts Mom, Dad and Grandma: 0

I keep saying we have to have a girl next time around, that this boy thing has got to stop. Am I in for a surprise there, toddler-girl friends?


Anonymous,  January 2, 2009 at 5:44 PM  


My man also likes to make lots of crashing and banging. I can't decide if I want number 2 to be more mellow or just as wild so they can defend themselves against their older brother. Guess it doesn't really matter what I want in the end.



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