Sunday, January 18, 2009

Books and Cats

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OMW (prompt: book review):

I just finished is a light-hearted, quick read by one of my favorite new authors, Bridget Asher (pen name for J. Baggott). My Husband's Sweethearts is a great story about a high-powered corporate woman, deeply in love with her older husband, who discovers he's cheated on her.. multiple times. She leaves, but upon learning that he has a fatal illness that will soon take his life, she enlists the help of all his past "sweethearts", and this is where the story gets complicated.. and rich.

Funny, ironic, heart-warming (and wrenching), it also sheds light on the complex web we are all bound up in, and in finding her own strength, our protagonist begins to allow other women to find similar strength--in themselves.

from PP&P:

Jellybean was an old cat
10, maybe 15, and fat
He kept to himself
Put himself on top shelf
And waited for each meager pat.




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