Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life in Reverse

I had a brilliant idea last night, as I was crawling into bed, and you, my adoring audience of two, get to hear about it. (P.S. This is part of the Spin Cycle, over at Sprite's Keeper.)

WHAT IF.. I could live my day in reverse? That would be ideal, wouldn't it? Just imagine it with me for a moment:

11:00 PM: Wake up, or stay awake, as it were. I'm WIDE AWAKE every night at this point, so here is where I start my day.
8:00 PM: I've just enjoyed three full hours of free time (think of it. The whole day is laid out before you. .the sun is shining, we have our whole lives ahead of us..) So happy. Like a golden retriever happy.
7:00 PM: Wrap up breakfast (Whatever. The first happy meal of the day.)
6:00 PM: Start preparing b'fast.
4:00 PM: Wait! We have the whole day ahead of us, remember? We're not winding down, we're winding UP.
3:00 PM: Put kiddo down.
1:00 PM: Wrap up lunch. Lunch is still lunch.
12:00 PM: Start lunch.
8:00 AM: Put the kiddo down. We're exhausted.
7:30 AM: Whew, I am exhausted too. Can barely keep my eyes open. Oh, right.. morning. Time to curl up and enjoy my bliss.

It is a little mind-bending, I'll admit. But it makes it okay for me to keep making those ready-made cookies at 9PM.


Sprite's Keeper January 16, 2009 at 11:29 AM  

Ooh, I like it! I wouldn't mind ending my day the way I typically start it, with a warm cup of coffee! In fact, it's what I look forward to as I'm falling asleep! Great Spin! You're linked!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher January 18, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Welcome to the spin cycle. This was a funtake on the spin and I enjoyed it.



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