Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rhymes with Elation

Well Hello, 2009. The word of the day today (for purposes of this blog) is: Procrastination. Without getting into an emotional diatribe about the power of genes and the customs of one's own family sealing the deal, I'll simply state that my family procrastinates. Every one of us always has, because, why do your homework or finish your PhD when there's wind to be sailed? Sun to be soaked? Road to be traveled? Blogs to be typed?

I've held two passions my entire life: film and fiction. Words and pictures. Like many SAHM (that's stay at home mom) types, I was gloriously NPV-positive prior to my son. As in, Net Present Value. Now, I find myself examining my exact "net" Present Value, and, like many of my blogging friends, I have the ability to sort out the next move.. with you, my gentle readers, along for the ride.

I'm currently working on a half-dozen or so short stories (let's say short "projects" for fun,) and some photographic experimentation. The stories I'll slowly begin to share here, but I'm away from my scanner, so the recent point-and-shoot stuff will have to do for now:

Happy New Year! Hello, 2009!




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