Saturday, December 20, 2008


My favorite Washington Post columnist.. and I'm not the only one that thinks so.

One part snark. Ok, many parts snark. One part David (vs. Goliath), you know, fighting for the little guy. One part Liberaltarian. That's right.. you read that word here first. That's my own doing. Of course, after I post this, I'll Google it to see if anyone else has come up with something similarly brilliant.

Pearlstein writes for the Business section for the Washington Post, and is not on anyone's "side". Definitely not Washington's "elite" politicos. He tells it like it is, and calls people out on "it", whether it is bank executives, blowing up their fiduciary responsibility from lack of attention to details like leveraging themselves to the brink of failure, or the car manufacturers for failing for years upon years to take their efficiency "mandate" seriously. Or drug companies for.. being drug companies. Or an Administration, for taking too long to solve the credit markets seizing up, and for failing to cool down markets that flare up. Or--and this is my favorite, Mass Media, for creating frenzied waters that more often than not, would be a lot more calm if people were lead to think what they would think on their own. Without the help of "sky is falling" "Great Depression" references that tell us there is no hope in tomorrow. That, friends, is GONE.

Whomever it is, they aren't getting off easy. He lets 'em have it, and backs it up with actual information: financial instrument details (that I particularly enjoy, having worked on a trading floor for Risk Management,) credit markets structure, capital markets, equity markets, business savvy and general common sense.

Sometimes it's that last one that goes the furthest.




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