Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pearlstein and our Economic Dent

My favorite Washington Post columnist, Steven Pearlstein, today likened the big 3 Automakers "bailout" (or, more correctly, emergency bridge loans to get their house in order) to an insurance policy. Just like an auto policy we take out to protect our cars from total loss, the government insuring us all against the worst of the worst.. a prolonged, deep recession, nay, a "Great Depression." I think this is an interesting way to look at it, especially considering the billions of liquid money that the Fed has pumped into our economy, seemingly into a black hole, since there is no trace of it in the credit markets.

So, in our nod to the rough economic roads ahead, we did our part today. All day. All. Day. Christmas shopping. At, of all places, a mall. (Gasp) And, with a toddler in tow. (Deeper gasp)

However, I'm happy to report that it went well. Through the herd, around the herd, we made our way through the Legoes, the Hannah Montana, Transformers, and did you know that Galaga is back?! (A little remote control you plug into ANY television, that comes pre-loaded with 200 games from my childhood, Galaga, Dig Dug, Pacman, Tetris, Centipede.. are you having flashbacks yet?)

Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum (though the Lego Pirate ship ironically didn't picture any. Factual?) Our 18-mo old was a star, waving when he was asked, making funny faces when he saw himself in the mirror, entertaining himself by careening down an aisle at LL Bean just as I'd set the 5 or 6 large packages down next to my purse next to the stroller next to the crowd gathered by the fish tank. JUMPing out at the lady as she walked into LL Bean, having mysteriously crouched himself behind a sign. Ah, the holidays and childhood.


Anonymous,  December 21, 2008 at 10:15 AM  

I'm impressed.

I don't think I am brave enough to take J to the mall right now.

I was a big online shopper this year - I love that Amazon.



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