Thursday, June 10, 2010

Painting a Revelation

I know there are so many blogs to read and so little time. But I had such a revelatory moment today that I had to share.

Six or seven years ago, I was in an elevator. I was in a high-flootin' finance job, up to the 8th floor in a somewhat respectable high-rise building, in the somewhat-respectable field of corporate&investment banking. I was probably dressed in a blue button down and gray pants. It was the uniform.

The elevator was packed, and, as was customary on a busy morning, stopped at nearly every floor on the way up. Two people were talking behind me, a man and a woman. They were talking about painting. I got excited and nearly turned around.. painting? Was there a budding Van Gogh behind me? What did she paint? When did she paint? Was she in an artist's body, or did she just hide this side of herself? How cool was that? What kind of medium, I wanted to ask.

"Yes, we've finally finished the guest room. Now I have to get the kitchen and dining rooms done... arrgh, it just takes forever to paint a house."

Oh. (sigh)

Fast forward to today. I am walking back to my car after picking up some delicious Lebanese food - with a 7mo-old infant and 2-3/4 yr old in tow. Yes, my toddler ate it too. There were two women, dressed in casual yoga gear, chatting just behind my car, blocking our entry back into the car. I said "excuse me" as I inadvertently heard most of the end of their conversation. One woman was cajoling the other, saying,
"You need to get back into that!"
"Oh, the painting? I am! I started a few weeks ago. Ah, it feels so good." I happened to know that they were talking about art.

Painting, for the beauty of it. For the pure joy, the unfettered feeling of creating something beautiful with every stroke of the brush, of pausing, reflecting.. clearing the mind. Making art.

A beautiful thing. **

** For the record, I do not paint. I'd rather create beauty through words. Plus, my brother got that talent in the family.


jaime June 11, 2010 at 7:14 AM  

I do several creative things, but I tend to put aside one activity for another for long periods of time. Recently I have felt that I needed to get back into painting (and not just painting rooms in our house, but painting ceramics.) I'm so glad I have that creative outlet, because I'm not as great with the creative words.

Artists really do inspire me...I love it.

♥ Kathy June 12, 2010 at 7:45 AM  

I draw but I usually use markers to color my pictures :)

Jeanne Estridge June 12, 2010 at 4:24 PM  

Probably because creating art takes more free time than the average investment banker has to spend. Or maybe all their creativity is poured into creating money out of nothing.



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